Foods That Help Increase HGH Levels Naturally

Human growth hormone “HGH” is one of the bodies greatest gifts,  it is what helps us develop as children and keeps everything in our body rejuvenating itself, it helps maintain muscle, it keeps us youthful and maintains our organs and skin tissue healthy throughout our lifetime. The pituitary gland is responsible for making sure our body continues to produce HGH, otherwise, we could not survive.

Many people suffer from low HGH levels and are not even aware of it, some of the symptoms of low HGH include:

  • High levels of body fat especially around the waist
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Feelings of being isolated from other people
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold

HGH is commonly used in the bodybuilding world,  it can help increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat,  synthetic HGH can have some serious side effects, the other option you have is to take an HGH supplement which can have a significant impact on increasing HGH levels, otherwise you can add certain foods to your diet that can raise HGH.

Grass Fed Beef

Gras fed beef is not only packed with protein “77 grams in a 3 0z serving” it also has substances like L-Carnitine and coenzyme-Q10,  other ingredients in grass fed beef include L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, L-Leucine and L-Arginine which are linked to hormone production and can naturally increase HGH levels.

Uncooked piece of beef

Organic Yoghurt

Unpasteurized organic yogurt contains plenty of L-Glutamine which is a much needed amino acid that has been proven to increase HGH levels. Yogurt also contains about 6 grams of protein for every 6-ounce serving, it contains calcium, Vitamin B2, B12, calcium ,and magnesium.

Bowl of Greek yogurt


Raisins contain plentiful amounts of Potassium and Iron and provide the body with plenty of carbohydrates and energy, a small 1.5-ounce box of raisins has approximately 90 raisins and contains 1.3 grams of protein,  raisins also have considerable amounts of L-Agarnine to naturally boost HGH levels.



Eggs are a natural source not only of protein but they are also packed with Vitamins A, E, D, and Vitamin K, eggs also contain DHA, EPA and other peptides that are important for HGH stimulation.

Fresh brown chicken eggs


Pineapple is a natural way to stimulate serotonin which is produced by the brain and works as a neurotransmitter to help you relax, eating a slice of pineapple right before bed can help you sleep better at night, which is when HGH production is at its highest level.

Fresh Split Pineapple

Coconut oil

Consuming a gram of coconut oil for every 2lbs of body weight is a great pre-workout booster and will boost HGH for up to four hours, this can be a great alternative to a dietary supplement, coconut oil can also improve energy helping you maximize training intensity.

Fresh Split Coconut

Fava beans

Fava beans are high in L-Dopa which is beneficial for stimulating your pituitary gland helping increase natural HGH levels making more growth hormone available to your muscles. One cup of Fava beans contains about 13 grams of protein, 33 grams of carbs, iron, and calcium.

Bowl of Raw Fava Beans

All the above foods contain varying amounts of Tryptophan which is an essential amino acid that humans need in their diet and is also important for stimulating serotonin which can be converted to melatonin “a neurohormone”.

If you are looking to increase HGH levels naturally the foods above can help, the important thing is to try to incorporate them into your daily food intake, otherwise your other option would be to take an HGH booster which can help naturally boost HGH, remember HGH can not only help increase energy and strength, it is also important for both men and women to maintain a youthful appearance.


So there you have a good starter list of foods that help increase HGH levels naturally, theyr are all easy to obtain and can help you naturally increase HGH levels.

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